Brand New Start
I heard you talking on the phone last night
I kept quiet, didn’t want to fight
I didn’t mean to listen, but the walls were paper thin
Oh if I leave will she move in?

I saw the signs oh so clear
Like something hanging in the air
Saving us, why did we even try?
I hope that you tell the kids and not I

I´m packing up my bags now
I´m standing by the door now
It´s gonna be hard
But I´m ready for my brand new start

I feel free now, but out of place
What a strange kind of longing, babe
Longing for something that cannot be saved
We painted our picture, but the colors would fade

How Can I Know
I wake up early
To close the blinds
Thoughts of us
Keep me up at night

Is the weather gloomy?
Do you feel blue?
Some days I let the traffic lights
Decide what I do

Hearts are misleading
Dreams are deceiving
So how can I know?
If leaving was right or wrong

Still got your t-shirt
It smells like you
But I know that will be
Gone soon too
We´ve loved and we´ve lost
But we´ll get through

Don´t weep love, it will be alright
Some hard days
Some sleepless nights
But don´t waste your tears on me    

Lost Fire
I was the thunder
In the blank sky
I remember our love
Used to make us high
I was the monsoon
You were the heart

And we fell in love at the right time
What a shame there is no right time
To fall apart

We lost the fire
We lost the fire

We were the wildflowers in the yard
We let them grow
Up the walls
I gave you a child
I gave you my all

And we fell in love at the right time
What a shame there is no right time
To fall apart

We lost the fire
We lost the fire
And high tides were rolling
But then we found our shore
And it hurts us both babe
But I guess it’s over now

Nothing Hurts More
You used to be the life of the party
Would always cause a scene
I heard you met a sweet-talking man
With promises he couldn’t keep

And one day he walked out
Leaving everything behind
And you stepped into unknown waters
When you gave life to your daughter

People change and they change their minds                                              
But don´t let it get you down
I remember you said things hurt before
But nothing hurts more
Than hearing your daughter cry

Years pass me by now
I could be a mother too
But would I bear it
Losing myself to something new

And sometimes I call you
But I don’t know what to say
I hear her laughing
Hoping that you´re okay
´Cause you fear you’ll do her wrong
Fear your love is not that strong

Phases, I´ve been looking through broken glass
Kept my head in the past
Thinking things over
Till I almost went blind

Phases, phases

Phases, oh when the summers felt long
Like nothing could go wrong
But what good is there to long for
Something that is gone?

Phases, I´ve been howling at the moon
In the nighttime I would bloom
Spent my days tired
Hoping that I would change too

I´ve been clearing my thoughts on paper
I´ve been singing my heart out to strangers
I´ve been lonesome, I´ve been blue
I´ve been really happy too
I´ve been out every night
Tears have been blocking my sight
Now I know it´s alright
I´ve been going through

Falling From Grace
I was a dreamer
I´d dream my days away
I was a believer
But I lost it, somehow, on my way

Never thought any man
Could love a strange girl like me
One with her heart on the
Outside of her sleeve

But a life in doubt
Are wasted times
But how can I help myself?
I try so hard to overcome
But it’s harder every day
I’m falling from grace

Some days I get up late
´Cause the dawn feels heavy on me
And I know that I can change
but I find it hard to believe

I watch the years go by
With my tongue heavily tied
I fear being left
With no words on why

But a life in fear
Are wasted years
But how can I help myself?
I try so hard to overcome
But it’s harder every day
I’m falling from grace

Go Easy On Me
I´ve been a dancer right from the start
Would dance my way out of this dark
But this time I cannot bear
To move my feet, get out of here

Was I the woman you thought you could save?
The blues made you weak in the knees, babe
You need a woman lighter than me
Someone who can love and still feel free

And I keep saying things that I will regret
But love hear me out
Love hear me out

Go easy on me
See what I see
Winds of change are blowing free

I´m like Hera with all of my rage
A woman jealous from the start of the ages
But strong enough to love
With her heart and all her soul

Our house that we tore down
Pieces shattered on the cold hard ground
Is it possible to leave it all behind?
Who can leave a man this kind?

And if love is strong, then why does it break?
And if love is good, then why does it ache?
You need a woman lighter than me
Someone who can love and still feel free

Mary Anne (If You Only Knew)
Oh Mary Anne, if you only knew
That I´m the one who sees your man

He comes to me in the in the evening
And tells me I´m on his mind
And I´m sorry if it hurts you
But I let him in every time    

And he says your name in his sleep
And there is nothing I can do to keep him

Mary Anne, if you only knew
That I´m the one who sees your man

He speaks to me about his dreams
but never meets my eyes
And when he walks out the door
I can´t help but cry

´Cause deep down I know that you´re the one
He longs to come home to

Mary Anne, If you only knew

I´m just a fly in the night
A bird in the sky
I give him my body
I´d give him my hand             
Oh Mary Anne
If you only knew

If The Creek Don´t Rise
I´ll leave the lights on
In the hallway
In the night
In case you come home
In case you come home

Leave or stay
If I had a say
If I had a say
I´d use it well
I´d use it well

And if the creek don´t rise
If I still see it in your eyes
I´ll be here when you come home
But who knows
For how long

If I knew
How much work
Our love would take
I´d reconsider
I´d reconsider

Oh, the blues
follows me
down every road
I turn the lights on
I turn the lights on

Waiting for you night and day          
You can leave or you can stay                                  
Waiting for the sun to break
You can leave or you can stay                      
You can leave or you can stay                      
I´ll leave us to faith

Man Of Few Words
I called it quits last night
Honey, leave the lights
I’m in the car
I’m coming home

Been sneaking off to hotel rooms
Her touch felt brand new
But that doesn’t defend
What I did to you

But I´m just a man
I´m just a man of few words
And when you’re cold
It hits me right where it hurts
The kids are waiting in the living room
Will they watch us wither?
Will they watch us bloom?
In this silent gloom

And the flowers
We planted last year
The weeds have risen over their heads
But we´ll weed them out again

I know I’ve been unfaithful
But not in my heart
Only with body
And I am falling apart
If I could tell you everything
Every single word
Words of rage, ocean waves
Moon is up, I’ll stay awake
Rivers flow out of their place
I wanna show you grace

Take It All Back (hidden track)
I am an older woman now
So do I speak with grace?
Or did I lose face?
On bitterness, disgrace

I am afraid of being alone
But hey, that´s all I know
The children have grown
The children have left home

Mama always told me
There is no use holding on
Don´t waste your tears on past regrets
You´ll waste them all at once

But mama she is gone now
Flying with the wind
I don´t think she sinned
But I don´t believe in those things

20 years have gone now
Can I take it all back?
Honey I miss your laugh
Can I take it all back