Young Heart (album 2019)

Young Heart
The hardest nights
Are those that I can´t get no sleep
I lie awake thinking of
The demons that I can´t defeat

My hands are numb
My feet are tired
There is not much left that I desire

I have a young heart
And young hearts they burn easily

And some days
I get the feeling that I can´t breathe
But I hold it in, I pretend
and I do what needs to be done


What is driving me insane?
I can´t put my finger on it
Is this young heart of mine
Burning and yearning for something?


Biggest Love
It’s been so many years
And I think that I have changed
I let that fire for you burn out In all my rage
I tried so hard to make you stay
I guess I learn from my mistakes

When it breaks it breaks
When it ends it ends
There is no use tryin’
Stitching us back again

Even though you are my biggest love
Even if I sing about you in every one of my songs
It does not mean you ́re the one

I would be lying if I said
You haven’t been on my mind
But, honey, some emotions they
Pass away with time

So I kept my distance
While I realised
There ́s no use tryin’
Stiching us back again


Maybe you were right when you said
We would only make each other blue
I thought for a while that was better
Than losing you
But I know now
It was right
To let the flame burn out


Right From The Start
The streets are filling up with snow
Last year at this time I didn´t feel alone
I have my friends and we do hit the town
But I keep looking to see if you´re around

You probably think that I am crazy
Call you up at night all hazy
Even after you left me

We were a shot in the dark, honey
I got a deceiving heart, honey
I knew right from the start
Right from the start, oh

Looking for you in the flickering lights
Hoping to find someone who will hold me tight
Stumble home when the sun hits the sky
Yeah, I’ve been dancing you off right from the start


Damn my deceiving heart
Want to forget but I can´t
Been calling you up
Been shaking it off
I knew from the start


Winter is getting closer
With all the light that goes away
But if it goes away in your mind
You are not well

November was the month of death
We hoped you could handle it
You said you saw her go up to the sky
With the music

Please don´t
Give up and give in

And you were like other kids
You would play around in the garden for kicks
But when the others grew up and found their way
You lost yours

And November was the month of death
We hoped you could handle it
We saw you go up to the sky
With the music

Give up and give in

Your mother could not sleep at night
She kept thinking she did something wrong
She would lie awake thinking to herself
Please don´t
Give up and give in

November was the month of death

(In memory of Lasse and Lene)

Seasons Change
Seasons change, I know so well, they do
I was younger, felt proud

Would walk right through any open door
I did stop, to think, and I got lost

Seasons Change

Was I blind to see what I had become
Days were slow, no highs no lows, I fell

Seasons Change

Restless and relentless
I was brought up to be kind
To not let anyone down
But nowadays feel I do that
All the time

I am aware of the pain
I am putting myself through
By thinking I am not good enough
Relentless to myself

I tend to find it hard
To carry the weight of me
Other days I am bright
And I feel free

And some days I wake up colder
Than ever before
And I can’t seem to shake this longing
Of off me
But I will


Darkness Descends
I can not forget you even if i try
I can not fight the feeling god knows I’ve tried
Loving you was such a strive
Left me blue for a while

And I long for your touch every once in a while
Darkness descends when you cross my mind
It’s been a long time, still
Darkness descends when you cross my mind

Do you feel lonely and is that OK?
Do you still never know what to say
Do you still write your poetry
about the women you could not keep?

Your indecision left me astray
You played some foolish games
We were young and that’s to blame


Everything Unsaid
Left the city in may
With so much more to say
But there was really no reason to stay
You only needed me when she was away

Some days my thoughts turn dark
I want to go back to the start
To figure out and pick apart where we went wrong
I know it would be better if I just moved on

But everything is unsaid
And there is no point in saying anything else

Wrote you a hundred letters
Which I never sent
I guess my words can´t make you change
And all I write to you just feels so strange

Maybe I do feel sadness
Heavier than I should
To keep on looking back won’t do me no good
I believe I did the best that I could


The radio is playing that same old song
And I’m alone trying to get along
I don’t know
If you know
How it feels to be alone

My Man
When did we last speak
Are we at ease?
Or do you still wake up next to her
thinking of me?

And I couldn’t love for many summers
Hell, I could hardly breathe
Somehow you’re still haunting me
But I’ve found the one that I need

I love my man
Although I think of you
I hold him dear
Although I think of you

Were you tired, lover
Did you lust for something new?
I was tired too, babe
I was the right kind of blue

And I couldn’t love for many summers
Hell, I could hardly breathe
Somehow you’re still haunting me
But I’ve found the one that I need

I love my man
Although I think of you
I promise, I promise you

If I Could Write That Song
I found it hard to let you go
Only a fool like me would let it show
Spent so many days not knowing what to do
Sleepless nights in rage over you

If I could write that song
Which would make me let you go
I would

I kept quiet for so long
Should have held my head up and moved on
Days moved by so slow
Feelings were hard to control


Forgive me if I try
I´ve been the one to hide
Forgive me if I try
It´s been one long ride